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Adult stem cells are extracted from the pulp of primary (milk teeth) and permanent teeth.
The extraction of the tooth would be done at our Stemade Smile Clinic. The dental sampling kit, containing the extracted tooth would be couriered to the state-of-the-art laboratory at Chennai to extract the stem cells, within 48 hours of the tooth extraction. The extracted stem cells would be cryogenically stored until required.

The baby teeth (incisors and canines) and wisdom teeth are extracted as they are rich in adult stem cells.
The eruption of wisdom teeth is generally between 17 and 21 years.
Generally, tooth eruption is earlier in girls than in boys.
The baby teeth eruption usually occurs in pairs, one on each side.

One of the successful applications of dental stem cells has been formation of the human mandibular bone.
Currently, adult stem cells, found in dental pulp are being studied for their future potential in:
*Generating cardiovascular tissue
*Generating nervous tissue for application in neurological diseases
*Treatment of musculoskeletal diseases
*Generation of new bone structure
*Generation of cartilaginous tissue
*Assistance in plastic surgeries

The stem cells stored by Stemade are for autologous (“self”) use only. These stem cells are neither received nor used for research purposes.

Up to two teeth or tissue samples can be placed in the same kit.
Our staff at the processing and storage facility will assess for cell viability for both teeth that have been sent.

The extracted tooth would be transported in a specifically designed dental sampling kit. This kit would meet the requirement of controlled temperature of the dental sample from the time of extraction till its receipt at the lab.
The dentist in the Stemade Smile Clinic places the extracted tooth in a thermovial, which is tag heuer monaco replica blue surrounded by ice packs in the dental sampling kit.
The dental sampling kit is then couriered to the state-of-art lab and storage facility in Chennai.

All the extracted dental samples are assessed for cell viability in the laboratory.
However, if after testing, it is determined that the cells are not viable, both the client will be notified of the same by Stemade.
Samples that are not deemed viable will not be stored.

We have state-of-art stem cell processing and cryogenic facilities at our laboratory in Chennai. The lab has been accredited with AABB and ISO certification. There are highly trained professionals in our lab, thereby maintaining the highest scientific standards. The stem cells are stored for autologous use only.
So you can assure yourself that your patient will receive their stem cells whenever required.

At present, stem cells are being studied as life-saving therapies and clinical trials are underway.
The ability for your patients caliburn gk2 pod system 18w pink to use their banked stem cells immediately will be dependent upon what their needs are and whether medical therapies are available now.

The banked dental stem cells are stored for the individual’s own use (autologous) and can never be given to anyone else.

No. Stemade does not store stem cells for research purposes.

Dental stem cell banking is complementary to Cord stem cell banking. Cord blood stem cells are mainly used to treat blood-related diseases.
On the other hand, dental stem cells will be used to treat diseases and injuries related to hard and soft tissue such as
* Connective tissue
* Dental tissues
* Neuronal tissue
* Bone
* Muscles
* Liver
The banking window is also higher for dental stem cells. Dental stem cells can banked for children (milk teeth) in the age group of 5-12 years as well as in young adults (wisdom tooth). The banking of umbilical cord stem cells can be done only at the time of birth while dental stem cell banking provides several opportunities and is thus, less dependent on the timing. Hence, it is important for a parent to consider banking dental stem cells in addition to cord blood stem cells.

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