Step 1: Enrolment

  • Enroll in Stemade’s dental stem cell bank either by contacting us on the Toll-Free Number 1800-102-STEM (7836) or you can create your profile online in the Enrolment section on the website. You can also write to us at
  • During enrolment, after paying the necessary fees, you will have to sign a contract authorizing Stemade to maintain and preserve the dental stem cells and ensure its timely retrieval whenever required.
  • From the list of Stemade Smile Clinics (the list is accessible on the website in the Dentist Locator section) you can choose the nearest dentist for the extraction of the tooth, as per your convenience.

Step 2: Extraction of the tooth

  • Each Stemade Smile Clinic will have a Dental Sampling Kit, containing the necessary components, which will ensure the tooth is stored safely, at a particular temperature, until it reaches the lab.
  • On the day of extraction, the dentist in the Stemade Smile Clinic will extract the tooth.
  • The extracted tooth will be placed in the dental sampling kit with your details on it.
  • The paramedic will collect the blood sample and place it in the dental sampling kit.
  • This dental sampling kit is then carefully packed by the paramedic and will ensure its courier to the laboratory in Chennai.
  • The dental sampling kit will then be transported to the lab.

Step 3: Extraction of the stem cells

  • The extracted tooth will be transported to the state-of-art laboratory at Chennai.
  • The dental pulp, containing the stem cells would be isolated by breaking open the tooth and the stem cells would be extracted.
  • The stem cells would be tested for sterility and quality control (assessment of the viability of the stem cells).

Step 4: Cryopreservation

  • If the stem cells pass the viability assessment, they will be stored cryogenically.
  • The cryogenic treatment lulu vaper is a process in which the stem cells are preserved by gradual cooling.
  • The dental stem cells are frozen by keeping the levy at a temperature of -196 ° C (-320 F) in liquid nitrogen.
  • The dental stem cells will be frozen and stored, with appropriate labeling of your relevant details, using cryopreservation technology to maintain their viability, on retrieval in the future.

Step 5: Receipt of sample certificate and future retrieval of Dental Stem Cells

After the sample is cryopreserved, the certificate of banking will be sent to you, which you must keep safely for future records.

Dental Stem Cell Banking Process